THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN! How To Reboot And Do Fresh Start With Social MediaRecently the first trailer of the spider-man movie has come out. Everyone who loves movie (like myself) are excited to see how the new movie will look like. This is the post where I will share why having a reboot actually make things better for your social media journey.

This is the 4th SpiderMan movie and this time it’s a reboot. The movie has a new cast, new story and new outcome. Most people will say that it’s not going to be better than the past movies but they are the ones who will go to the theater to watch it.

Batman is a live example where a reboot is better than the original. So you can too, make a reboot of your complete social media campaign and bring in bigger results. Here’s how,

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We are busy bodies and social media seems to be very time consuming. On this update I will share few tips on how to get the most out of your facebook profile while giving less time for it.

Set 2 fixed times for facebooking

Set 2 times for using facebook or any other social media sites. One is the beginning of your day and then at the end. This will help you get more time for what you are working on. This will also keep you out of distractions.

facebook for busy people seven branding

image credits: balakov

Un-tag from photos

Many of your friends will tag you and others on a picture that makes no sense. Soon you will be flooded with notifications “Someone has commented on a photo of yours” to avoid it click to un-tag the photo.

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Google+ suddenly came and took attention of savvy internet users. The google +1 button was a great addition to websites but what for? Google plus social network made it complete. It seems like google+ will soon take over facebook and in the next few years we may even forget there was something called facebook.

Remember Hi5, Orkut and MySpace? They are history now. Those networks still exists because they are backed up by corporate giants but they are not being used by the masses. So if the prediction comes true what will happen to your facebook empire? The money you spend to drive people to be fans on your facebook page will go to Google+

It is best to drive all your effort into your website, because at the end this is the piece of property you own. Dot Com domains are there since 1994 and they will be forever. ICANN (International domain authority) is suggesting new domain names, that is a clear indication that internet is growing.

We saw some new features over the weeks both in the new Google+ and Facebook. Facebook recently added video chat on their site. Take a look at this video of facebook chat by my friend Courtney Engle,

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Social media is free, you all know that and most probably you have all the social media tools that I am going to cover in this post. But this post will take a reboot on how we can use the free social media tools to improve our business.

The main goal for social media should be spreading your name/your business name further and get people interested in what you have to say. When you have the audience you can bring in sales -that’s plain simple.


There is no benefit of social media without a plan; it may end up eating your precious time and energy with no output. Don’t just create pages just to be there and have a link benefit, make it count. Try to create a community. For this you make a plan. Such as what you will be posting in facebook, who will be your page audience, what problem they have and how you will solve it?

1. Make the most of Facebook

facebook-logo seven brandingYou must have a facebook profile or even a page, but are you doing it right? Don’t just make it stand alone, make it active and drive people to interact with it. Keep your facebook “personal profile” to a personal level and only share a small hint on what you are doing, because if you only post professional updates, then chances are your friends will ignore you.

Create a business page in facebook and update every day, invite your friends to join and use a page box on your website. And you don’t have to stop there; there are groups and events in FB.

Create a community group around your business model and let the member share their opinion. Create an event for an actual even in your business/store. These things will attract valuable members that will turn into paying customers in the future.
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google +1 seven brandingEvery time something new rolls out, people start to explain why it sucks! But in reality the impact is completely opposite. I saw blogs that say why +1 from google is a bad idea and it can never compare to facebook like.

I agree that facebook “like” is a long established one and nothing can take it’s place, but we don’t have to replace anything, there is room for a new one. Instead of thinking whether it is worth it or not, it’s time for you to take action and add the +1 button on your website. There are many wordpress plugins have come that will allow you to have all your favorite social buttons and also the new +1 button.

One plugin that we are using is 1 click retweet/share/like button. If you are running a wordpress blog, then try this tutorial from Mashable >> Add +1 button on your wordpress blog.

My common sense says that google +1 is a great addition to your website. People would love to use the new tool and share your site. Most of us already have gmail, that means we do exist on google profiles. One share will also help your pages to have positive impact on search engines.

On the other hand google has started to change so many things on their search algorithm. A video I saw on SEOmoz explains it all. The new algorithm (called Google Panda) will favor websites that are built for better human experiences. Such as if you build website that are better reading, has images, people like to stay for longer will go up on the site. So this means junk websites will go down. Watch it right here,

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launch_seven branding 200Hey! We launched our website, H-E-L-L-O W-O-R-L-D!! Welcome to Seven-Branding.

It’s 22nd June and we launched our website, there is a reason behind why we selected this date, it’s the birthday of SEVEN’s co-founder Hac, Happy Birthday! What a great way to make this day even more special. Thank you very much for coming, thank you for making the launch a success. We are looking forward to deliver great things for the community; to have a great friendship and a business relationship for years.

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